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I met Ovidio Marangoni in the early ‘80s on one of my initial courses on laser therapy. He stood out for his discretion and mind-openness in facing new challenges.
Since then we started an increasingly intense cooperation and many of our ideas became reality thanks to his enthusiasm, like the book that I would have never desired to comment without him. Vascular surgery and phlebology, in particular, represented his daily occupation, carried out at best, careful as he was of any new aspect which may have represented a real advantage to his patients.
His innate sense of music allowed him to assess any novelty with constructive critical mind and his passion for innovation gave him constant strength.
We witnessed together the laser Gaussian evolution in medicine, which typically features novelties in this sector: from “it’s useless” in the early ‘80s to the “panacea” in the early ‘90s. (some distinguished Colleagues would even state “the end of the scalpel era”), from an extremely harmful tool at the beginning of the year 2000 to the ace in the sleeve of current skilled operators.
Dear Colleagues, over this period much was seen, heard and read about it, all and anything, while we were remaining firm in our ideas, which were luckily almost always right, being supported by know-how, humility and common sense.
And we would smile together when we acknowledged that these Colleagues would be similar to juke-boxes: by inserting a coin they would play any song …
This book aims only to represent a small guide for the use of lasers in phlebology, above any specific interest. It is just the result of strong believes coming from about thirty years of expertise in this field, both from a scientific and a clinical point of view.
I hope it will be intelligible to all phlebologists and laser therapists, who are willing to widen their knowledge in this sector and in case the contents of this book is not agreed upon by the reader, we are ready and open to discussion.
I believe this is the true spirit Ovidio and I meant to give to this work, which should also be at the base of all medicine, especially among Italian doctors, who are still too divided up into Guelfs and Ghibellines, without the necessary humility that characterizes strong people and permits to grow.

Leonardo Longo

For truth’s sake,
Show yourself as you are,
And without any pretence
And without any fear or
hesitation. And if the truth will cause you to be prosecuted,
then accept it; and if torture does the same, then bear it.
And if for truth’s sake you should sacrifice yourself
and your life,
then be strong in this sacrifice
(Saint Giuseppe Moscati).