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Born in Villa Vrani, Visignano d’Istria, 4 September 1949
Dead in West Palm Beach, Florida USA , 18 January 2007

M.D. degree, University of Trieste , 25 February 1976

License to practice Medicine, University of Trieste, with the highest grade.

Specialization in General Surgery, University of Trieste, 17 July 1981, with the highest grade.

ovidio marangoni

Who was Ovidio Marangoni? That’s true, we need to remember who he was. His peripheral figure – both because of Trieste, the city he was living in, and his personal expertise in the use of Lasers in angiology, which was peripheral too until recently -, made him a very discrete figure in medicine, but also a man of great calibre for those who met him in his familiar as well as clinical, professional and scientific environment.
To Italian Phlebology – as a matter of fact – this is the loss of an excellent master in the full meaning of this word.
To Flebo Club this is the loss of a true and loyal friend, a workfellow, an inexhaustible source of advice and certainty.
Dr. Ovidio Marangoni died on 18th January 2007 in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA where we was spending some time to recover from his acute dilative myocardiopathy.
He was born on 4th September 1949 in Villa Vrani, Visignano d’Istria. Then he moved to Trieste in 1953, where he got his degree in Medicine cum laude and specialized in General Surgery with the highest marks.  
His medical career started with a University Internship, during which he first worked as an assistant at the Institute of Medical Semeiotics, University of Trieste, and then as a Medical-Surgical Assistant and Phlebology Consultant at the Casa di Cura “Salus” in Trieste, a private facility cooperating with the National Health System.
Thanks to his interest for vascular diseases and vein diseases, in particular, he became a pioneer in using Lasers in phlebology and established a leading company in manufacturing Medical Lasers (EUFOTON®).
Later on he worked as a manager and lately he was Health Director at “Multilaser Diagnostica Terapeutica” in Trieste, a company authorized by the Regional Government Friuli-VeneziaGiulia, operating in Vascular Diagnostics and Surgery – Laser Therapy.
He was professor of Phlebology and surgical-medical Laser Systems on two-year courses for Specific Training in General Medicine, organized by the Regional Government Friuli-VeneziaGiulia.
He was also a member of several international societies for Phlebology, Laser Medicine and Surgery (IALMS, ASLMS).
Together with Lorenzo Tessari, he was company promoter of the “Glauco Bassi” Foundation, named after one of the forerunners in Phlebology.
Since 1994 he has been organizing and promoting Phlebology Meetings in Trieste, which hosted great personalities in the national and international Phlebology scenario; further meeting were held in 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, whose Proceedings were edited by him.
He was author of over 75 prominent Scientific publications, mainly on vascular topics and endoluminal Laser treatments.
He also wrote a weighty and complete textbook “LASER IN PHLEBOLOGY”, which was published in English early this year 2007, without having the chance of seeing the very first copies that he meant to give to friends as a preview.
Probably in a very unusual way, but certainly not aiming at celebrating – even if someone may think so -  we would like to complete these brief “official notes” with some “drops” of personal memories.


I first met Ovidio at the Ist Phlebology Meeting in Trieste, which he meant to dedicate to Dr. Glauco Bassi. I was fascinated by his personality and his friendliness; his humility and passion for phlebology induced me to establish with him a Foundation dedicated to my Master Glauco BASSI, world famous as the father of modern phlebology.
Recently, after the last Phlebology Meeting in Trieste dedicated to Bassi, we jointly decided to donate Bassi’s Library to the University of Ferrara. This choice would deprive his beloved Trieste of prestigious resources, but he firmly believed that Bassi’s heritage and phlebology itself would acquire a greater importance in Ferrara.
That is the man I remember, the man whose loss we all mourn: a great man, a great master, a great phlebologist.
[Lorenzo Tessari]

I still remember Ovidio’s smiling face and the aviation pioneers’ scarf round his neck, when he landed in Sardinia - where I had organised a Flebo Club meeting - on a plane he personally piloted. He was also a pioneer in the application of Laser in Phlebology. He was a highly qualified expert in this field. Whenever you asked him for his opinion, he would modestly reply with disarming humility and competence. His discretion, together with his joy of living and sociable character, will always represent an incomparable life style for the Flebo Club. Dear Ovidio, should we manage to complete the project of creating the National Library of Phlebology “G.Bassi”, the laser section will be certainly named after you
[Paolo Zamboni]

Friendship deriving from the joy of sharing passions, true feelings like respect, discretion, joy of living and the sharing of happy moments, emotions marked by the smell of the ocean and the wind, Sardinia, passion for boats, no need for words!
Here you are, Ovidio, full of simple and bright joy!
Beyond time, in the eternal dimension of a friendship that gives a meaning to life and its memory!
[Francesco Zini]

Our dear Ovidio complained about the inaccuracy and enthusiasm that many of his colleagues would show when discussing about the Laser, without investigating neither its positive nor negative aspects… He would end up with the hard task of defining the possibilities and limits of this incredible device, which is like a Phoenix that always emerges again from its own ashes and still plays a major role in today’s Phlebology (and in many fields of medicine). The innocence, consistency and honesty he would show during his scientific presentations all over the world and his discussions on life with friends reflected a good man and my grandfather used to tell me that good men are immortal.
[Attilio Cavezzi]

I “discovered” Ovidio at the Flebo Club a long time ago and our friendship has enriched me immeasurably. First of all because of the kind of personal relationship we established - and only God knows if nowadays this is a primary value for a mankind in crisis. Then for his invaluable knowledge of lasers. I am considered as a strong supporter of proper endovascular Laser applications in the treatment for varicose veins, and I owe this to Ovidio. I will always remember his lack of hidden purposes and impartiality whenever I invited him to take part in interviews on Laser treatments with magazines and newspapers intended for public circulation. He never took advantage of these events for inappropriately advertising a technique he knew the advantages and limits of, better than anyone else. This is a sad time when medicine is commercialized. Under these circumstances this is another primary value.
[Giovanni B. Agus]

I will always remember two things that would make Ovidio different and appear like coming from another era. First of all his meekness, contrasting with my  own character. Secondly, his intellectual and professional honesty. I couldn’t tell which of the two is the most uncommon or precious virtue. I do know however that his lessons about Laser treatments were the lessons of a true laser manufacturer and made all the rest look like a trivial promotional sales message.
[Mihael Georgiev]

His cheerful porcelain face, his timeless smile made Ovidio a truly special man, a true and a loyal friend. He was always open to a critical discussion about lasers and anything else with irreproachable professional behaviour. We will immensely miss you, dear Ovidio.
[Marcello Izzo]

Dear Ovidio, see you in our next life.
I will look for you and for all other people dear to me, whom I’ve already lost and I will sometime loose in the future. See you in the ocean.
[Leonardo Corcos]

Thank you for your humility and true friendship. You taught us profound ideas and made them appear like a clear thinking, simply notes exchanged among friends.
We will miss you for your carefully hidden virtues, your joyful calmness, your prompt and kind smile. We have always appreciated your peace of mind and quietness
[Sandro Pieri]