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  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery obtained from the University of Florence, academic year 1979/1980, grade 110/110 with honors; thesis: “ Experimental study on the histopathological effects of laser radiation “ (Thesis adviser Prof. GC. Zampi,- Director, Institute of Pathological Anatomy).
  • Obtained specialization in Endocrinology, academic year 1983/1984 , thesis:” Preliminary considerations on the use of lasers in hormone level regulation” (Adviser: Prof. G. Giusti; grade 70/70).
  • Collaborated with CNR (National Research Council) in the “ Laser Project: subproject: Medical Applications “, in the CLAM 2 unit (Director: Prof. A.G. Sesti, MD, PhD), from 1977/1982
  • Attended the Laser Center connected to the “Centro Bronco-Asmatici” of the “G:Casoni” Institute at Poggiosecco (Florence); rendered official by the INRCA resolution dated 18/2/1982 , til 1986.
  • Director of the Laser Department of the ‘Villa Donatello” Hospital in Florence, from 1985 til 1991 .
  • Instructor, Mid-Laser Treatment Practical Course I (Coordinator: Prof. B. Palmieri), University of Modena, June 17-19, 1983 .
  • Director of 21 Laser Treatment Courses at the “International University of Bologna” (Chairman: Prof. L. Cattaneo) from September 1982 to September 1989.
  • Consultant of Istituto per i Rapporti Internazionali di Sanità (IRIS), from 1987 til 1992 .
  • Collaboration with WHO and EC in the European Program concerned with the study of laser applications in Medicine and Surgery (1988-1990).
  • Chief of Department of Laser Surgery and Medicine, European School for Medical Practice, Florence, from 1992 til 1996.
  • President International Course on Laser Phlebology, during the 1° International Simposium and 1° National Unified Meeting of Italian Society of Phlebolymphology and Italian Society of Phlebology, Siena , 23-25 September 1996.
  • Director of Laser Medicine and Surgery Service of “Istituto Prosperius - Sezione Ricerca Medica” and Private Hospital “Villa Cherubini” in Florence, from 1991 till present.
  • Chief of Institute for Laser Medicine of Florence (I.L.M.), from 1995 - present.
  • Teacher of Plastic Laser Surgery and Medicine and Laser General Surgery on Specialization School in General Surgery of Siena University, General Surgery Institute and Surgical
  • Specialization (Director, Prof. Sergio Mancini, M.D., PhD), from 1995/96-present.
  • Teacher of Laser Phlebology on Post-Graduate Course on Phlebology of Siena University, from 1996-97 til present
  • Teacher of Laser Treatment of La Peyronie’s Disease on Specialization Residency in Andrology of Pisa University, from year 1996/97 .
  • Consultant of Phlebology Laser Center of Siena University, from 1996 til present
  • External Consultant on Laser Technology of Plastic Surgery Residency - Florence University (Director Prof. D. Lo Russo, M.D., Ph.D.), from 1994-till 96.
  • President Laser Florence International (annual) Congress and Courses from 1997 until today
  • Co-Director of the Courses Laser Phlebology, Laser cosmetic Surgery, Laser Resurfacing, approved by the American academy of dermatology, from 1998 until today
  • Teacher of Laser Therapy and Surgery of Scuola di Specializzazione in Medicina Estetica – Fondazione Fatebenefratelli – Roma, from 1998 today
  • Director and Teacher Course on Laser Aest. Medicine, Ortona, 15° Corso di Base in Medicina Estetica, 26-29 /5/ 2000-
  • Director and Teacher Course on Laser Aest. Medicine, Poland Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Warzaw, since 2000 until today
  • Director and Teacher Course on Laser Aest. Medicine, World Association for Laser Medicine and Surgery2Tokyo,28-30/6/ 2002
  • Teacher Course on Laser Dermatology Surgery, International Society for Laser Med. and Surgery, Chennai University, India, 27-30 August 2001
  • Comentador Workshop on Laser y Luz Pulsada - Forum venoso latino-Americano, 18-20 October 2001, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Visiting Research Professor Uniformed State Universities Health Services – USUHS,Bethesda, USA, from 2003
  • Teacher Corso di Flebologia, 14 June, 2003, Istituto Prosperius di Firenze, Italian Health Office, ECM Program
  • Teacher Corso di Flebologia, 25 Ottobre 2003, Casa di Cura Val di Sieve, Firenze, , Italian Health Office, ECM Program
  • Chair, Modulo di Laser Terapia e Chirurgia, Master in Medicina e Chirurgia Estetica, Universita’ di S. Marino, Year 2003-2004

  • Member of the International Society for Laser in Surgery and Medicine, from 1982 .
  • Member of the European Laser Association (ELA), from 1982 .
  • Founding Member of the European Medical Laser Association (EMLA), from 1984.
  • Fellow of the American Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine from 1996.
  • President Italian Section of EMLA, from 1987 till 1996.
  • President of EMLA, from 1996 till 2000 .
  • Member of the Società Italiana di Laser Chirurgia e Medicina (SILCM), from 1982 .
  • Honorary Member of the Société Suisse de Laser Thérapie, from 1988 .
  • Member of the Società Italiana di Magneto-Medicina. (SIMM), from 1983
  • Member of the Società Italiana di Gerontologia e Geriatria (SIGG), from 1981
  • Member of the Associazione Italiana per lo Studio del Dolore (AISD), from 1984
  • Member of the Società Italiana di Flebo-linfologia (SIFL), from 1987
  • Founding Member of the European Federation of Medical Laser Centers (EFMELC), from 1992
  • Member of Collegio Italiano di Flebologia, from 1996
  • Honor Member of Eastern European Confederation of Societies for Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine (ESPAS)
  • Founding member of SITIF – Italian Society of Integrated Therapy in Phlebology, from 1997
  • Honor Member of the Asociation Rosarina de Laser Terapia y Cirurgia, Rosario, 2000 - Honor Member of Radiobiology Soc. of the Czech Medical Society of J.E. Purkynje , from Year 1999
  • Member of American National Standard Institute, from 2000.
  • Founding Member and President of International Academy for Laser Medicine and Surgery – IALMS, Florence, 2000
  • Member of New York Academy of Science, from 2001
  • Member of Board of the Director, International YAG Laser Society, from 2002
  • President Elected, Year 2005-2007, International Society Laser Medicine and Surgery – ISLMS

  • Chairman , I° Congr. Internaz. di Laser Terapia Medica, Modena,17-19 Giugno 1983
  • Chairman del Simposio su Elasto-compressione in Flebolinfologia Soc. Ital. di Flebolinfologia,Punta Ala (GR),11 Novembre 1989
  • Co-chairman Forum Laser in Medicina Ordine dei Medici di Firenze,17 Luglio 1990 - Chairman Sessione Lasers in flebolinfologia I° Congr. Naz. Soc. Ital. di Flebolinfologia,Cortona,13-14 Sett. 1990
  • Chairman Session General Surgery III - Colorectal Surgery 5th Internat. Congr. of the European Laser Association (ELA), Graz, A, November 8-10,1990
  • Chairman Sessione Laser a Bassa Potenza 9° Congr. Naz. Soc. Ital. di Laser Chir. e Med.,Roma,21-23 Nov. 1991 Organizing Secretary 11° Congr. Naz. Soc. Ital. di Laser Chir. e Med. Firenze,21-23 Ottobre 1993
  • President 5 th EMLA International Congress, Firenze, 18/20 Settembre 1997. - Co-Chairmen and Chairman of two scientific session, President of one session and Invited Speaker on 2 th International Congress of World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT), Kansas City, 2-6 th September, 1998
  • Chairman on the session Laser in Phlebology, 3 r d Congress of Italian College of Phlebology, Perugia , September 30 th , 1998 - Chairman session and Invited speaker , International Symposium on Cutaneous Ulcers, Milan, 18-20 June, 1999
  • President, Laser Florence 98, 99, 2000, 2001, 2002 International Expo-Meetings and Courses, Florence, Italy
  • Co-Director, Courses on Laser Phlebology, Laser Resurfacing, Laser Cosmetic Surgery, in Laser Florence 98, Laser Florence 99 and 2000
  • Honor President and Chair of Session 6 th EMLA Congress, Bucharest,Romania, 3-6 June, 1998
  • Honor President and Chair of Session 7th EMLA Congress, Dubrovnik, Croatia, June 23-26, 2000
  • Invited Speaker, Maiman’s Laser Party, 40 th Anniversary of Laser Born, Vancouver (Canada), 13-18 May, 2000
  • Chairman Session and Invited Speaker Romopto 2000 - SPIE International Congress, Bucharest, 3-7 September, 2000
  • Chairman Session and Invited Speaker on 3 rd and 4 th International Congress of Poland Soc. Of Aesthetic Medicine, Warsaw, 7-8 October, 2000; 3-5 October 2002 (Chair also of a Course on Laser Aesthetic Medicine), September 2004
  • Chairman Session and Invited Speaker on 13 th International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, Union Internationale de Medicine Esthetique, November 1-4, 2000 - Monte Carlo (Principauté de Monaco)
  • Chairman session and Invited speaker Laser in Flebologia, XXII Congresso Naz. Societa’ Italiana di Medicina Estetica, Roma, Aprile 2001,2002,2003,2004
  • Chairman session and Invited speaker , 14 th World Congress of the International Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Chennai, India, 27 th -30 th August 2001
  • Chairman session and Invited speaker In Phlebology II, Forum Venoso Latino-Americano, October 18 th – 20 th , 2001, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Honor President, Forum Venoso Latino-Americano, October 18 th – 20 th , 2001, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Chairman and Invited Speaker 4 th World Association for Laser Therapy, June 27-30 2002, Tokyo, Japan
  • Chairman and Invited Speaker on Day Surgery and Laser medicine, Catania University, 18-21 Aprile, 2002, ECM Course
  • Chairman and Invited speaker on International Congress of Asian-Pacific Society of Laser medicine and Surgery, Pattaya, Thailand, 16-22 October 2002
  • President and Chairman Sessioni Laser Congressi Annuali Societa’ Italiana di Medicina Estetica, Roma, Marzo-Aprile, from 99 until today
  • Chairman Low Level Laser Therapy session, International Congress Laser Munich 2003, ISLMS, Munich, 26-28 June 2003
  • Chair Conference on Laser in Human Health, Acireale, 11.5.03, Istituto S. Michele
  • Chair Laser Sessions Italian College of Phlebology, Congress of Udine, 13-16 October, 2003
  • Teacher and Chairman laser session School of specialization in Aesthetic Medicine, Warsaw, September 2000, 2002, 2004
  • Teacher and Chairman Laser Therapy session, Master of second Level in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, Universita’ degli studi Biomedici di S. Marino, Repubblica di S. Marino, from 2003
  • Leading invited Speaker, Czech Republic Soc. Laser Med. And Surgery and Purkinje Soc, Prague, September 2004
  • Leading invited Speaker , South Bohemia Unibersity of Czeske Budejovice, Czech Rep, September 2004